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Trends, culture, history and photo essays from around the world.


3.31.10 Photo Essay: Simi Valley, California Presidential libraries like that of Ronald Reagan offer a window into U.S. history.  Photos by Julienne

3.24.10 College field trip: Understanding Yasukuni Jinja, Tokyo, Japan A photo editorial by keito


11.28.09 Photo Essay: Oranienburg, Germany Julienne travels north of Berlin and brings a fusion of history and modernity to our Photo Essay category.

10.3.09 Berlin: Photo Essay The old merges with the new: photos and captions by Julienne

9.12.09 Is freedom visible? Sarkozy has some strong feelings about burka in France, but isn’t banning them just another way the women who wear them are made to conform? By Julienne

3.17.09 Grassley puts foot in mouth over Japanese suicide comment keito puta the Iowa Senator’s remarks on AIG into context using her experience in Japan (cross-listed in In the News).

2.16.09 Saipan: glimpse of the globalization life-cycle dna strands in my hair discovers a microcosm of globalization through a video by Adam Yamaguchi

2.5.09 Paper or plastic? Julienne discusses the plastic bag tax movements and finds a trendy way to carry her groceries (cross-listed in Life)


12.1.08 Aso, too, blunders supreme keito writes about the agony and the embarrassment of Japan’s new PM and his all too famous quotes (cross-listed in In the News)

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