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Announcement: TT is going quarterly

May 14, 2010

After a brief hiatus, we’ve decided to change our content format to quarterly issues (namely Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter).  We loved our theme-issue and wish we had the capacity to do more, but in our current incarnation we feel the best way to emphasize the content we have is to take a more relaxed approach.

So what does this mean?  You’ll still be seeing our blog-based style of publication, in which articles are published as they are prepared, rather than one large release at the beginning of the month.  And you’ll be seeing 4 Letters from the Editor and blogzine “covers” a year.  Less pomp, more circumstantial posts!

We hope to see you back here as we continue to develop and find smarter ways of showcasing our material.  And don’t forget, your submissions are always welcome!


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