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National trends and culture in the U.S.


5.14.10 Mother’s Day and culture shifts Julienne does battle with yet another florist, all for the sake of mom.


3.13.10 Textbooks reach an epic epoch: Rent or own? Julienne examines the textbook rental trend sweeping the USA

10.21.09 Stopping a dangerous domestic violence trend 20-somethings lead the nation as victims of relationship violence. Why our generation needs to know about intimate partner violence.  By keito

8.01.09 Textbook mark-ups threaten wallets – Julienne wants to know why there’s a steady 22.7% profit margin for on-campus textbook sales when books online textbooks sell at much better prices

7.13.09 Age not a factor in National ServiceJulienne finds that sometimes you can get the kind of job you want after graduation

6.26.09 Urban living redefines relationships – What do agriculture, green space and city living have in common?  Not that much.  dna strands in my hair reports from Staten Island.

5.05.09 Economy of the Banal – Ever feel like you never escaped high school, and gossip and sensationalism sell better than the unbiased truth? By dna strands in my hair (cross-listed in Life)

4.27.09 At-home women’s healthcare trend: good or bad? – Are at-home tests and over the counter perscriptions a good thing for women’s health?  By keito (also in In the News)

2.23.09 TV meets DTV: another chapter in the American television romance – keito examines the love affair even the U.S. goverment seems to have with TV

1.28.09 Seasons of love, lessons of RENT – keito rethinks HIV/AIDS education after seeing the hit Broadway show (cross-listed in The Arts)

1.19.09 Can Obama bring back The American Dream? – keito assesses the health of The American Dream and what is needed to get it back on its feet again (cross-listed in In the News)


12.01.08 NASA: Launching new endeavors to inspire the next generation of taxpayers – moonchow writes about NASA’s place in the government’s 3 trillion dollar budget (cross-listed in Science & Technology)

12.01.08 Ready, set, mob! – Beenie is appalled by the dark side of humanity that reared its ugly head on Black Friday 2008 (cross-listed in In the News)

12.01.08 Typical: I know you are, but what am I? – Julienne explores the idea of “the typical white person” (cross-listed in Life)

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