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Editorials on politics and current events, as well as current events fact sheets, so you can become a more informed citizen.


3.22.10 Reform’s immediate effects for American twenty-somethings, explained a note from the Editor after the passage of health reform in the United States


9.12.09 Is freedom visible? French President Sarkozy takes issue with burka in France. By Julienne

4.27.09 At-home women’s healthcare trend: good or bad? Are at-home tests and over the counter perscriptions a good thing for women’s health?  By keito (also in In America)

4.14.09 Will same-sex marriage come to New York? New York’s governor David Patterson is set to propose equal marriage rights legislation, but is New York state behind him? By keito

4.7.09 “Breaking News” 4.7.09: Obama in Iraq ABC elevates a surprise presidential visit to the troops to the same status as the Miracle on the Hudson.  By keito

4.2.09 NPR’s April Fool’s Joke dna strands in my hair comments on GM’s two new cars — the Sasha and Malia

3.17.09 Grassley puts foot in mouth over Japanese suicide comment keito puta the Iowa Senator’s remarks on AIG into context using her experience in Japan (cross-listed in Global Culture)

1.19.09 Can Obama bring back The American Dream? keito assesses the health of The American Dream and what is needed to get it back on its feet again (cross-listed in In America)


12.15.08 For people with long-term illnesses, Foradil and Serevent are more of the same keito reacts to the news of December 11th, 2008

12.8.08 Ready, set, mob! Beenie is appalled by the dark side of humanity that reared its ugly head on Black Friday 2008 (cross-listed in In America)

12.8.08 Sarah Palin, please put on some pants keito discusses the importance of image to a woman politician, and those famous glasses and pencil skirts

12.8.08 The sky is falling! The sky is falling!!! Or, how to keep your head on your shoulders during a recession. TasDil offers sage advice as a victim of a previous recession (cross-listed in Life)

12.1.08 Aso, too, blunders supreme keito writes about the agony and the embarrassment of Japan’s new PM and his all too famous quotes (cross-listed in Global Culture)

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