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Facebook LinkYear Two: Our Mission

The Talking Twenties is a blogzine for people in their twenties, and, though it is based in and primarily run by contributors from the US, it is not intended for American readers and contributors alone.  In many cultures throughout the world, the twenties is an age-range during which individuals enter onto the paths they will follow throughout their lives; the resulting struggle—whether it is to establish a traditional career, a relationship, to begin a family, or to find a unique road in life—leads to a lot of inward focus in a world that demands an increasing level of outward focus and globalization.

At The Talking Twenties, we believe that “globalization” is the keyword for a generation that has been raised with few national boundaries, thanks to the internet.  To us, globalization is not just in reference to business and trade, but also to culture.  Twenty-somethings around the world share many of the same experiences, and their lives are enriched by the sharing of these experiences with those whose lives and paths differ.

Part of our mission is to bring awareness and understanding of issues affecting twenty-somethings in the US to those in other countries and vice-versa, and we aim to do this by collecting articles on the twenty-something perspective and experience from as many staff writers and one-time contributors as we can get our hands on.  Through these methods, we wish to deepen the interaction among members of our generation and the sharing of experiences that social networking has started, and which publications like Time and Newsweek continue to touch only the surface of, or entirely miss.  We are here to describe the twenty-something culture, in whatever town, city or country it may be found and from individual perspectives, and to suggest what it can become, not to dictate what it should be.

As we grow, The Talking Twenties hopes to foster that awareness and understanding of the differences among all our international peers, and, most importantly, to explore the rapidly growing category of issues that we share as twenty-somethings in globalizing societies.


Note: We always use pen names for our posts in order to keep the focus on our articles.  Some of our contributors are credited under their real names here, while others have chosen to keep their superhero writing identities a secret.


Jamie Bartels (Nuejam)
Julienne Mascellino (Julienne)
Nikki Saint Bautista (dna strands in my hair)
Ryan Patrick Mooney (moonchow)
Sara McCallum (Sue_De_Nim)



Contributing Editor

Julienne Mascellino (Julienne)


Vitaly Nikolaev
Julienne Mascellino

Copyright Notice & Disclaimer

The Talking Twenties Blogzine is a non-commercial site.  Featured works are the intellectual property of their writer(s) and are not to be reproduced in whole or in part without proper credit given towards the appropriate writer(s).  In the cases of outside sources, our writers cite their sources and any failure to do so is purely accidental.

The views featured on The Talking Twenties Blogzine also belong solely to the writers who have expressed them. The Talking Twenties Blogzine is a forum for expressing thoughts and opinions and does not endorse any viewpoints either way.

Furthermore, The Talking Twenties is a forum for expressing thoughts and opinions in an open environment; though censorship is kept to a bare minimum, we reserve the right to delete any comments featuring racial slurs or lewd remarks that are not conducive to maintaining an open environment, and editorials featuring such remarks will not be published.

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