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Life choices and lifestyles.


3.28.10 Interview with College Student X, Part 2: Life in returning ed – The final installment of the interview by keito

3.21.10 Interview with College Student X, Part 1: Large university versus small, public versus private Interview by keito

1.31.10 Poll: Twenty-somethings and the Haiti relief effort See how people in their twenties responded to the disastrous quake in Haiti and to what extent

1.14.10 The false promise of education Does a more advanced degree really leave graduates better able to support themselves? Sue_De_Nim reports from Great Britain


10.9.09 To be or not to be What does a vegetarian actually eat? Julienne challenges all the -isms being added onto vegetarianism as it grows more popular

8.24.09 Advice on living with asthma: 10 tips after ten years of asthma, you start to learn a thing or two.  “Advice on..” column by keito.

5.05.09 Economy of the Banal Ever feel like you never escaped high school, and gossip and sensationalism sell better than the unbiased truth? By dna strands in my hair (cross-listed in In America)

4.08.09 Florida and Texas sinking due to obesity, scientists say A little fun at the expense of a major American stereotype.  Fake news by keito

3.12.09 Loving “Locks” for kids who need it keito gives something very personal to a charity for children–her hair

2.12.09 A valentine for the underemployed keito rediscovers pages in her notebook written while unemployed and finds, of all things, a fudge recipe

2.10.09 Misconceptions Making lemonade: Nak discovers that not finding the right job and life path after graduation isn’t necessarily a bad thing

2.05.09 Paper or plastic? Julienne discusses the plastic bag tax movements and finds a trendy way to carry her groceries (cross-listed in Global Culture)

1.14.09 Wash dishes, adopt an extended family A bad meal turns into a surprising night dna strands in my hair goes for a skiing vacation and ends up taking orders at an understaffed Thai restaurant

1.12.09 Jumping to conclusions Julienne learns what happens when profitable media negativity becomes a social norm, all with a little help from Seinfeld

1.07.09 The 10 great job interview tips no one ever tells you keito shares her hard-earned knowledge of those little things that make a big difference in an interview


12.08.08 The sky is falling! The sky is falling!!! Or, how to keep your head on your shoulders during a recession. TasDil offers sage advice as a victim of a previous recession (cross-listed in In the News)

12.02.08 Did you get my e-mail about my wedding? dna strands in my hair finds that even with technology our traditions from “the good old days” remain the same (cross-listed in Science & Technology)

12.01.08 Typical: I know you are, but what am I? Julienne explores the idea of “the typical white person” (cross-listed in In America)


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