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When we decided to create a theme issue on Higher Education for March 2010, we wanted not only to address the concerns of twenty-somethings in college but to try to help with those problems. Part of this has been the creation of an online petition that would state students’ resolve to take action in protest of overpriced textbooks.

The action we are advocating is the use of students’ power as consumers to create change: the goal of this petition is to support informed consumerism, spread the word on alternatives to the artificially high price at which many textbooks are sold, and to encourage students to avoid purchasing overpriced texts when more affordable solutions are available.

Though the internet it the biggest bulletin board in the world, anybody who signs and wishes to take some initiative of their own is welcome to print out the petition and post it on a bulletin board at their school (if allowed).

For more information, you may wish to read about The College Textbook Affordability Act of 2007, which did not become law. The petition was also inspired by Julienne’s August 2009 article, Textbook mark-ups threaten wallets, the first of a 2-part textbook exposé.

Please read the Petition for Fair Textbook Pricing and visit to sign.

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