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To Write Love On Her Arms Day 2009

November 10, 2009

Something every 20-something should know about

This Friday, November 13 is To Write Love On Her Arms Day, a day to show support for those struggling with depression and/or addiction.

According to To Write Love on Her Arms, a non-profit that helps those fighting these problems that devastate both individuals and those who care for them, 2/3 of those with depression never seek treatment, and that depression often results in substance abuse or anxiety.  There are 121 million people around the world who are currently fighting depression, and millions more searching for ways to help their loved one or show support.

More about TWLOHA:

“In February 2006, [Jamie] Tworkowski wrote a story, a glimpse into a friend’s life and her first steps to recovery from drug addiction, self-injury, and depression.  The story, titled To Write Love On Her Arms, along with the t-shirts Tworkowski printed to help pay for his friend’s recovery, started a movement, not only within his local Orlando, FL community, but one that was swiftly embraced by people everywhere.  Many bands (Paramore, Thrice, Anberlin, Switchfoot, Bayside, The Almost) quickly picked up the message, informed their fans, and started finding new ways to donate to the cause and help out.

“Since 2006, the TWLOHA team has responded to 100,000 messages and emails from people in need. These messages have come in from more than 100 countries and TWLOHA has also been able to donate $600,000 directly to treatment and recovery. The TWLOHA website and Jamie’s blogs have become a source of hope and encouragement for young people all over the world.”

To show support for those struggling with these serious problems that affect entire families, friends and all of society, please visit the Facebook Event for To Write Love On Her Arms Day and the TWLOHA website.

— The Editor

  1. nikki saint permalink
    November 16, 2009 11:33 am

    thanks for covering this! it didn’t even it my news radar

  2. keito permalink*
    November 20, 2009 4:26 pm

    CNN just posted this article today on those left behind by suicide and how they begin to speak out about it in the face of the stigma that (sadly) still exists. If you look at the comments, you can even see people leaving comments about suicide being the choice of the person (with a sort of implication that it’s illogical and against self-preservation rather than the result of a serious illness). It’s sad to think that there is often more attention being paid to mental illness and depression by pharmaceutical companies interested in making money than those in a position to help those affected by it, whether its a friend, family member or medical professional. Without organizations like To Write Love On Her Arms, some people would have no way to help themselves or find support, and that needs to change.

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