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December cover design contest details

November 4, 2009

The contest to design the cover of the December anniversary issue of The Talking Twenties will go until November 25, 2009. All entries should be sent to thetalkingtwenties.submissions(at) Some stipulations:

  • The image size should be 375 x 500
  • Acceptable file types: jpg, gif, png
  • Please do not send images of more than 600 kb
  • Include your name or pseudonym with each entry, and the e-mail address by which you wish to be contacted
  • Image files should be titled “December09cover_(your last name or pseudonym)”
  • OK to submit up to two entries; add a number 1 or 2 on the end of your file names if submitting multiple designs to differentiate
  • All entries should contain the text “The Talking Twenties” and “December 2009.” Other text is optional
  • The ideal entry expresses twenty-something culture, life, or the problems facing the twenty-something age bracket
  • No sexually explicit content, please
  • Please obtain the permission of any recognizable human art subjects used in the work before submitting, as The Talking Twenties will not be responsible for any complaints, lawsuits or Facebook de-friendings that you may be afflicted with, should you fail to do so
  • By submitting, entrants agree to allow the indefinite use of their image in whole or in part for the website header, sidebar, and anywhere cover art for The Talking Twenties may be posted, including on any cover art or art pages of the Blogzine, the December Letter from the Editor, and on The Talking Twenties Facebook, Twitter and deviantART accounts; however, the image will not be posted outside of these venues without acknowledgment of the artist who created it
  • Rights revert to the artist after publication
  • Payment is in the form of high praise, bragging rights and a publication credential only
  • The name (or pseudonym) of the winning artist will be announced on Facebook, Twitter, deviantART and, of course, The Talking Twenties Blogzine on December 1, 2009.  The winning artwork will be posted on December 1, 2009, along with a matching website header derived from the winning work

Good luck to all entrants!  The winner will be decided by multiple judges and contacted via e-mail prior to publication of their work.


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