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NPR’s April Fool’s Joke

April 2, 2009

by dna strands in my hair

Brian Lehrer reported this morning that GM released two new green car models for $1700 — the Sasha and Malia. Lehrer, the host of WNYC’s Brian Lehrer show, expressed much enthusiasm for the black and orange Sasha, saying that it hints to the basketball, the best sport these days. The Malia is a bigger model and comes with optional dog seats, because couples these days don’t need the child seats since it’s more affordable to get a dog.

A certain Jack Henderson, who Lehrer introduced as the new CEO of General Motors, explained how they were inspired by the Russian name Sasha and thought that Malia just sounded cool. Henderson did warn, however, that the cars would take 2.5 hours to start in the winter.

Both vehicles were said to be fueled by bidanite from “the gaseous organism found in Delaware.”

“The bidanite releases no carbon, just warm air,” said Lehrer.

Very funny, Brian.

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  1. April 8, 2009 3:50 pm

    Does it seem like there have been a lot of Obama-themed April Fool’s jokes? The Facebook application for family trees posted a joke that said I was Obama’s fourth cousin! It seems like this presidential family is a much bigger part of popular culture than others in my lifetime.

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